The deadline for the Affordable Health Care Act, March 31, has come and gone and America is still debating if it (Obama Care) is affordable or not?

The Democrats are saying this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and are boasting about all the people who have registered for it despite all the confusion and delays at the very beginning of this program. The Republicans are calling it a disaster and are demanding it be repealed and are pointing out all the flaws in the new law.

Well reality is like most things the politicians fight over, some place in the middle. What are the people it is suppose to help saying?

Most people are registering because it’s the law and there is suppose to be a fine if you don’t. So they are registering whether they like it or not, others because anything is better than what they had, which was nothing. But most people are having serious problems with the cost.

What’s the problem? It’s not affordable for full time college students, low income, or unemployed.

In talking to people and looking for myself the problem is the deductibles. The cheapest plan found was around $99 a month. OK let’s go for it. No. Why not you say? Because it has a $6,000 deductable. And this is per year. Who in their right mind would select that?

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