Learn How To Milk It 

So going in order – the most popular liquid is usually milk. But with dairy allergies being a problem for most soy based options are also completely cool. However if creamy is not your thing, again, know that coconut water, fresh juices and even water can all serve as excellent bases. A quick note on dairy though – if mixed with citrus fruits or berries – beware of curdling. This is caused by the reaction of a protein found in a cow’s milk (called casein) with the fruit. So if you are using dairy drink quickly momma!

You Don’t Have To Get Fresh Sis

And I am not talking about your attitude. Most people assume that using fresh produce is better than frozen. False. In fact it is the other way around. When produce is flash frozen the nutrients are locked in (usually when the fruit or vegetable is at it’s ripest). Plus, frozen fruit is a great double duty ingredient since you can often times skip the ice when using this option. Hello thickness. And lastly, depending on the season, frozen fruit and veggies can also be huge money savers. 

You Can Have It All

Speaking of produce, the best part about smoothies is unlike juicing, you get all the wonderful nutrients that this sippable power beverage has to offer. What you drop down the spout is what you get out, so go crazy and let the healthy times roll. P.S. Don’t get too crazy. Five to eight ingredients is ideal – because the more ingredients you use the more the distorted the color may become. May not be a big deal to you but I’ll pick a bright pink smoothie over a brown one any day. 

It Actually Is Easy Being Green

Just like green juice, green smoothies have become incredibly popular. Often times featuring leafy greens such as kale and spinach, green smoothies are an excellent way to get your daily five. In one glass you get a healthy treat packed full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and polyphenols – all which are easy to digest. Because the fruits and greens have been blended, the cell walls where nutrients are encased are broken, making the nutrients more readily available for the body to use. Try one first thing in the morning or as a snack.

Not All Ingredients Play Nicely

While we’re on the topic of distorted coloring, it is important to know that not all ingredients play nicely. It’s best to avoid combining too many strong flavors as they will battle for domination in your finished drink. Fruit and vegetables that have dense flesh like mango, banana and avocado should also be balanced with juicier ones like melon, cucumber and oranges. Also when loading your blender remember to “start soft and then go hard.” Liquids, soft produce, hard produce, powders go with liquids and sticky items such as honey and nut butters should go in after a little blending.  

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