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Anger not hate can be a positive driving factor that can create change in the deplorable conditions of Blacks in “Up South Pittsburgh”. Are we too passive, laid back, reluctant, scared, cowardly or just don’t care?

Allow me to present some examples. Three Black females who work in the same city of Pittsburgh department believe they are being discriminated when it comes to promotions. They also stated that the White female in charge absolutely failed to meet with them to discuss their concerns. My response was why have you individually or collectively not filed a complaint with the NAACP or obtained a lawyer and filed charges? The answer was—maybe we should think about it.

The Allegheny County Police Department is comprised of a meager 2 percent Black officers and there has not been an outcry of protest and thereby nothing changes.

Construction contracts, goods and service contracts being awarded to Blacks and women are almost non-existent and once again there is almost no outcry of protest.

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