In the Spring and Summer of 1994, almost 1 million African’s belonging to the Tutsi tribe of Rwanda were killed within 120 days. The Rwandan genocide began in April and the violence did not end until late July. Initial reports of genocide in Rwanda were suppressed and went unaddressed by several high-level government officials. In some cases, individuals were explicitly instructed not to use the word genocide.

More recently, genocide has also occurred in the Sudan region of Darfur. Estimates put the number of deaths as high as half a million people. Militias sanctioned by the Sudanese government engaged in systematic attacks against civilians in Darfur. It’s estimated that these militias have destroyed over 400 entire villages in the region as they have carried out their government sanctioned mass killings. The increased killings started in 2003, but the International Criminal Court (ICC) was slow to act and charged President Omar al Bashir with war crimes in 2009.

Even though President Bashir still has been charged, he still has not been arrested. A lack of international enforcement has made it difficult to apprehend the leader. International troops are unwilling to go into Sudan and arrest President Bashir.

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