THE EIGHT MEMBER CAST – Not in order: Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley, Patrice Lovely, Ray Lavendar, Zebulon Ellis, Muhammad Ayers, Candice Pye, Olrick Johnson, and Monicaa Blaire.

More than 2,000 Tyler Perry fans filled the regal aisles inside the illustrious Benedum Theater in downtown Pittsburgh to witness the comedic genious of one Tyler Perry.

“Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned” typified everything everyone figured could occur within the two-hour production. The eight-member cast reflected an emotional rollercoaster ride, including the jealous woman, emotionally-scarred women and a scene-stealer known as “Grandma Hattie” — a Madea-styled elderly woman who provided several moments of hardcore-witty advice to the scorned character, “Anita Lincoln,” played by R&B singer Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley who after several years of being single and lonely, is finally coerced on returning to the dating scene – via internet relations — only to learn that her new web-beau, is not only a womanizer, but a criminal who ultimately empties her bank account leaving her broke and broken hearted.

Another star on the horizon is Zebulon Ellis, who portrayed The Reverend. He displayed his multi-octave vocal range from the deepest natural bass to an operatic soprano of authentic proportions.

Give Perry’s production people credit for keeping the storyline flowing, based on their ability to quickly change the stage from set-to-set; while maintaining an ongoing theme that never lost its continuity. The show was never boring and a mid-show, 15-minute intermission was really unnecessary.

Reactions inside the Benedum foyeur area and outside the theater had a positive buzz which pervaded the entire venue.

LAW FAMILY at Tyler Perry Play 18 March 2014

FAMILY FUN: From left: Sylvia A. Law, Taelor Law, Keeauh Johnson-Law, Valette Law, Tychelle Law and front/center, Taelen Law. The family attended Tyler Perry’s production at the Benedum Center on March 18. (Photo by Timothy Cox)

Sylvia A. Law of Penn Hills, made attending the event a family affair. She joined her daughter Valette and four grandchildren at the musical-production.

Law said she was impressed with the large number of Pittsburghers who were in attendance and added that she was glad that the event even reached Pittsburgh.

“It’s just nice that they came to Pittsburgh. Too often, shows like this don’t come here, but this lets promoters and producers know that there’s a market here for more of these types of shows,” said Law, a 45-year QA inspector at Emerson electronics, formerly Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

Valette Law said the family enjoyed the show. “We do many events as a family, and this is a special one, considering that we’re all Tyler Perry fans. This one we’ll remember for many years to come,” she said.

She came to the show with daughters Keeaugh Johnson-Law, 22; Tychelle Law, 20; Taelor Law, 15 and their “baby brother,” Taelen Law, 12.

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