I am so in the mood for a yard sale, garage sale or setting up at the flea market. I’m just ready to get rid of some stuff. Now that the calendar says that spring is here I know that a warm weekend is not too far away. I might be in that selling mood because I’m always in a buying mood and it is nice to have some extra money in the kitty.

If you are thinking about a yard sale while it is still chilly outside take a look around at what you did not use for decorations this past Christmas, dust them off and slap some prices on them. I had three Christmas trees last year, one of them has to go, and it has been chopped. I have not put up my lighted houses for about four years, lights out, they are going to eBay. At the end of the sale whatever does not sell goes to the thrift store.

Spring is here let’s clean up. Now back to the fun stuff, shopping.

Yes I still love to shop. I just read a story about an 80-year-old woman who no longer likes to shop; she says she does not need anything. That made me sad, I hope I will always need something or just want to look at pretty things. And it is ok if you go shopping and come home empty handed. Coming home empty handed is not a sign of failure; it is a sign of self- restraint. If you have spent your time just browsing and getting an overview of what is available, then you have picked up ideas and it is time well spent. Often when I am browsing it reminds me of clothes that I have at home that I have forgotten about or things that I can wear in a different way. So browsing can actually be research and can save you money.

Speaking of saving money, how many of you associate “Outlet Mall” with discounts?  Just as I thought a lot of you think that the word outlet means markdowns.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a lot of the merchandise in an outlet mall was designed just for the outlet, it was never anywhere else. They suggest you ask the clerk in the store if the merchandise was designed for the outlet. Well you can do that, but don’t expect a real answer. You will have to do the research in most cases on your own. A few stores will tell you the truth. I was at an outlet recently and I asked one of the stores if they were the store where the mark downs were sent and he clearly told me no. He said this is just another location of the other stores. One clerk told me that she thought outlet meant that the stores were outside instead of an indoor mall.  Things that make you go hmmmm. I guess you don’t have to take a test for these jobs.  I’ll see you at the mall.

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