(NNPA)—It’s so silly for Black people to fight over the Dems and Repubs when it is counterproductive for us to be enslaved by either party. Between the late 1800s and the early 1900s we voted nearly 100 percent Republican. Now we vote nearly 100 percent Democrat.  What has that gotten us besides being ignored and taken for granted? Do we have real political power?

We have been instructed and admonished to be independent and only give our votes to individuals who act in our best interests, but we have failed miserably in response to that advice by doing the exact opposite. It makes no sense to give virtually all of our support to one political party and receive patronizing crumbs in return.

To a large extent, our problem is centered on our romance with the vote itself. We hold our ability to cast a ballot in such high esteem, sadly, as though that alone will solve our problems. Not so. Voting is simply the first step, not the final step. Without power behind our precious votes, we are a paper tiger, helpless to effect positive change for ourselves in the political arena. The key word in the last sentence is ourselves, because we have certainly helped make things better for other groups.

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