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A couple of weeks ago I listened to a conversation between two young Blacks and they were discussing why they will always be a Democrat. I made no comment, but it gave the opportunity to reflect on that old saying “the more things change the more they remain the same.”

The conversation took me back to that period of time when I was 17 in 1949 and I had just started to develop an interest in politics. Over the next few years my eyes, ears and mind began to open and a multitude of questions began to surface.

As I approached my 20th birthday I began to focus on what political party I would register. It is almost like yesterday when I asked King Solomon (my father) which party should I choose? Daddy’s instant response was did you not graduate from high school? You are a thinking person so go the extra mile and figure it out.

So I went throughout the neighborhood questioning the voters and there were two versions of politics conveyed to me. Those who were registered Democrat and that was the overwhelming majority, explained to me that in the 1930s a Republican, President Hoover caused a depression. They then continued by stating that in 1932 America elected a Democrat, President Franklin Roosevelt, and he became the messiah to colored people, because he created the welfare system and that colored folks should always be eternally grateful and remain loyal to the Democratic Party. Sound familiar?

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