(NNPA)—What are we talking about?  We talking about fiction or we talking about fact?  You talking about fiction?  Hold up pardon my back…Excerpt from Jay-Z, What We Talking About.

I’ve been at a lost for words lately watching all the New World Order-like advancements unravel before our eyes. From Stand your Ground to Stop and Frisk, war is being waged on those who refuse to follow the ‘logical’ standards of our society.  And there have been a long list of murders, both old and new: Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, murder and Ramarley Graham. Why have people lost what little respect they had for our community? Why have they turned their backs and begun to raise deadly guns again?

Another sign of the times is that the NFL has to ban the N-word so people, including men of color, won’t continue to wreak havoc on those around them. Municipalities are stepping up to place some limits on unacceptable words and behavior.

Mound Mall in central Indiana, for example, has placed a ban on wearing raised hoodies while shopping. This is to insure that mall security can see your face. Many municipalities are banning sagging jeans because no one wants to see our men’s underwear, dirty or clean.

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