And there is always some reality dirt or gossip going on. By the time you read this it may be old news to some but news nonetheless. NeNe Leakes is on “Dancing With the Stars.” Wow does this mean she is a star now or just well known? You won’t be able to tell Mrs. Leakes nothing after this. I can’t wait to see if she can really dance and will she lose weight like so many of the previous cast members.


NeNe Leakes

Dwight Eubanks got arrested. Who? You know Dwight, he was a big part of season 1 and 2 on RHOA, he was a good friend of NeNe’s and then they got into an argument. Now he plans all of Phaedra Parks’ parties and fills in for her husband, Apollo Nida, on the dance floor. Well it seems like Eubanks drives around the ATL without a license and he has been stopped twice for it. Come on Dwight go on down to the DMV and get it done.  Maybe he has been too busy with his plastic surgeon. Who has all this money for surgery? You know my eyes don’t fool me. It looks like Leakes has had another procedure; the nose is looking a little more defined.

And speaking of Phaedra, some old dirt is popping up again about her pre-housewives days.



Say it isn’t so that Phaedra, Apollo, his brother and some other gangsters were chopping whips (that is a sharp car to you squares), and getting paid. Reportedly Phaedra was the brain behind the whole deal. Now if this mess is true–you can go out to YouTube and see the whole story–all three parts, this might be the reason Phaedra married Apollo or at least of one of them.

Because the brother is fine and looks like he can put down, IJS. I digress, but isn’t it true that you cannot testify against the person you are married to? Things that make you go hmmmm.

I wonder how Pha Pha’s book is doing, “Secrets of the Southern Belle.”

Also some more bad news for Mrs. Nida. She was going to have a spin off show and now it has been cancelled.  It looks like the only ones really making some progress outside of the show is NeNe and Kandi.  I sure hope they don’t bring Marlo on as a housewife next season or that woman that is married to Christopher Williams.

Frankly I can’t stand any of those women that NeNe keeps bringing around. Why don’t the others bring in their friends? Check out Phaedra on the cover of Upscale magazine with some other reality ladies serving up the T (that means the talk) on reality shows.

You know I wonder what Phaedra’s mother and father think of all this mess? I saw her daddy at the party for Mr. President and he did not look happy. The Nidas better hold on to some of that money that Apollo is spending at the strip club, they may need to hire a lawyer.

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