From the sunny coast of California to the rocky shores of Maine thousands of programs came into existence to develop permanent solutions to massive poverty in America.

Untold numbers of Black men and women with degrees and high school diplomas now had new positions and titles, budgets, credit cards, offices and opportunities to travel. However, once again the powers to be reduced the budget for the poverty programs, and the poverty problems, which had not been resolved flared up again.

A substantial number of these programs were worthwhile and productive. Ninety percent of those who were in charge were not agents of direct action, but they were beneficiaries.

Once again those who were outside the system were becoming restless, but before history could repeat itself President George Herbert Walker Bush came up with money to fund what they labeled faith based programs. T

he strategy was very effective, because across this nation and Pittsburgh it definitely included almost every church and organizations began to spring up as nonprofit 501-C3s. Everybody is after the money. The effectiveness of our religious organizations and 98 percent of the others has been greatly reduced because if they attack those who are the source of our problems they will not receive a grant.

In the days before the 50l-C3 money there were men and women of direct action whose actions resulted into positive results. There are those of us, who were fortunate to witness and know these legendary individuals who put their lives on the line to improve the quality of life for Black people. The following is an abbreviated list of those persons, Mal Goode, Bouie Hayden, Charles Kindle, Matt Moore, Byrd R. Brown, Police Chief Bill Moore and Sgt. Harvey Adams, Alma Fox and Swamp man.

Those who control the city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and the corporations are never seriously going to address the problems that affect the lives of Black people and their families until there is a resurrection of persons of direct action. That is also how the United States of America came into existence.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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