US Heroin Resurgence

In this Sept. 22, 1957 file photo, police Detectives John Matassa, center and Sheldon Teller, right, examine the arms of a suspected narcotics addict and dealer in New York. Eric Schneider, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania said after World War II, heroin became a drug primarily used by Blacks and Puerto Ricans in the Northeast and by Mexican Americans in the West. In the late 1960s, at the height of the hippie drug experimentation era, there was a resurgence of heroin use among young White people in the East Village and in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. (AP Photo)

Should former police Chief Nate Harper have gotten jail time?

Heroin has resurfaced and recaptured its place as the king of illegal drugs on the streets. How can we stop it?

Let’s take a quick look at the Harper sentencing by the courts. Harper was convicted of tax evasion and using $31,000 of city money for his own personal use. Well most people including myself believe there were others higher up involved, but no charges has been filed, only a couple of low level people. For his part in the crime Harper recently received 18 months in prison.


Nate Harper

Many Blacks are saying that’s too much time. I say that Black people have got to start realizing they can’t do what White people do and get away with it. So don’t take any chances, don’t do it, because as soon as pressure comes down the Black person is going to be the one who takes the fall.

So I say Nate Harper has been a police officer for 36 years.  He knew the consequences of what he did. So, 18 months is not too much time for stealing $31,000 even if he did pay it back. There are some people who get more time than that for driving without a license, multiple speeding tickets or DUIs.

But the taking of his pension, by a city panel, after he paid into it for 36 years, has to be illegal. Hopefully that is corrected. What he did was wrong, but do you destroy a man’s life after he has given you 36 years of spotless service? No.


Ulish Carter

At one time heroin was the number one drug on the streets. It was colorblind, and had no regard of financial status. This is the drug that took Billie Holliday out of this world, and many, many others. Well, cocaine and crack cocaine took over for a long period of time primarily because you didn’t have to shoot it into your veins. So the chemist and other people got together and created a form that you can smoke and sniff which led to the great heroin comeback.

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