I am a product of two strong god-fearing parents, who were staunch proponents of education.

Over the years as I began to mature I came to understand that education was in different levels. Every person can’t become a professional like doctor, lawyer, educator and a large number are not motivated in that manner. Advanced education covers becoming a mechanic, bricklayer, beautician or barber, plumber, carpenter and other skilled labor professions.

In my school years the overwhelming majority of students had no desire or interest in going to college, and most of those who wanted to go it was just a dream because they lacked the money. I was fortunate, because I had been offered two scholarships to play football at Morris Brown and Johnson C. Smith.

After considering both offers I declined, it was apparent that I lacked the physical size to compete at Morris Brown and I was not familiar enough with Johnson C. Smith.

A classmate and good friend of mine had a burning desire to go to college and I was able to convince Johnson C. Smith to transfer the offer to him and they did. He graduated from Johnson C. Smith where he earned a B.A. in business, was recruited by Boeing Aircraft, who sent him back to school where he earned a Masters degree and he lived a good life in California.

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