I have not weighted in on the “Real Housewives in Atlanta” for a while, but this “Pajama Party” or Pillow Talk episode has me shaking my head. Who does this? By “this” I mean gets dressed up in pajamas and sits around and asks questions that are clearly about their personal lives, questions that were designed to bring on a fight. Mrs. Nene Leakes knew these questions thinly veiled as general questions would start an argument.

We now know that these shows are just for ratings and the word real is in name only. In the case of the pajama party episodes we know things had gone too far when you actually saw the crew get involved. You are never supposed to see the crew, but they had to try and put a stop to the mess that Leakes created.

The question on social networks is what was the fight really about?

I think I have an answer. The fight was about ratings and contracts. These men and women want to keep that paycheck. “Glee” and “The New Normal” have been canceled and Leakes is not that great of an actress. When you look at the rest of the cast the only one who had a big money making career prior to the RHOA was Kandi Burruss. Cynthia Bailey’s modeling career seemed to pick back up after RHOA. They all need this show as a platform for the other business endeavors that they have entered in to.

If RHOA goes away or the ratings drop a lot of things will fall with it, The Bailey Agency, Club One, Leakes is getting ready to launch a clothing line and I bet that Bedroom Kandi would even take a hit.

One of the things the cast of RHOA does not realize is you can’t buy class. You can buy Louboutins, Gucci, Prada and Bentley’s but class is not for sale. It also seems that these ladies are making some poor money moves.

Who rents an eight thousand square foot home to live in all alone?

I understand that you need room for the camera crew, but come on. If I were them I would stack as much cheddar as I could and keep some money around for a rainy day. When you look at some of the former cast members they have fallen off the radar unless they are trying to get Ivanyla Vanzant to fix their lives.

Shout out to Sheree Whitfield. You hear very little about Lisa Wu or DeShawn Snow. Kim Zoliciak has stayed relevant by having a bunch of kids by her NFL playing husband and doing spin off shows. Who would have thought that she would end up being a real housewife?

It has been reported that Leakes earns a cool $1 million per season, Burruss, $450,000, Bailey and Phaedra Parks $300,000. It is unclear how much Porsha Stewart or Kenya Moore makes. The husbands get paid as well and there are bonuses for appearing on the reunion show. I’m sure they all want to keep that paycheck coming in and will literally fight to get it.

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