Last week the Courier ran two major stories. One was about the police being shown beating up two suspects on video taken by the police, and the other a mother putting up $5,000 for information leading to the capture of her son’s murderer.

Apparently you are guilty until proven innocent by some members of the Pittsburgh police force. On a video viewed by community leaders it showed Will and Beyshaun El being beaten and tased by police then charged with assault on the police after a stop that yielded nothing.

Now I wasn’t there to view the tapes, but I would assume the police handcuffed the two suspects when they stopped them, then set them in the back seat of a police car while they searched their car. When they found nothing in the car they should have let them go with an apology. That I would think would be the professional way. And if they had found something, since the suspects were already cuffed and in the back seat of a squad car all they had to do was take them downtown and “book ‘em”.

So unless this video was tampered with, or the people watching it totally misunderstood what they were seeing there should be some more openings on the police force.

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