Two thousand and fourteen has started out with a bang, but the wrong kind of bang. There were nine homicides in January, three more than last year, and seven were Black. This averages out to be 108 for the year with 84 of that total being Black, a whopping 78 percent, in a county that only has 15 percent Blacks.

Many were shot multiple times to make sure they were dead, and others directly in the head, execution style. With February being Black History Month, one young man by the name of Frederick Douglas being shot multiple times makes me wonder about what his name sake would feel about the rash of Black on Black murders.

And this is only Pittsburgh, now just imagine how many Black on Black homicides there are in D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, East St. Louis, New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Houston, and all the other major urban areas in this country. We talk about war casualties; we should be talking about the street causalities from our urban areas.

The New Pittsburgh Courier carries these figures for Allegheny County every month to try to make the community aware of this problem and to urge, push, ignite, whatever to get the Black community to start taking this seriously. Our young males, and a few young females are being gunned down in the streets, not by the police, or by White racist groups or individuals, but by other Blacks, on a daily basis and very few people are paying attention, or doing anything about it.

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