:10 Let’s be clear right from the gate because I – DO – NOT – WANT – TO – GET – I.D.’d-AND – STOPPED…This is the ultimate “I am just sayin” comment!

The second thing you need to know, and maybe most importantly, is that I am a dog lover. Had them all my life. Black Lab, Irish Setter, two German Shepherds (one albino) and the best Doberman a man could ever have and yes his name was “Champion.” You should also know that I had to put the albino Shepherd and the Doberman down, both with cancer.

Now, all that said…please God, when I die, will you allow everybody I know and love, all 10 of them, to do for me what they did for “Rocco the dog.” Shut down the streets, establish a memorial fund, 50 dignitaries to speak, media blitz, a line five blocks long waiting to get in to pay their last respects.  Who wouldn’t want to go out like that?

Look, like I said, I am not passing judgment and I am not criticizing, but if memory serves me right, nothing of the sort was done for Omar Islam, the young man killed at the bus stop just waiting for a bus shelter. Or Anthony Rivers, aka “The Greyhound,” one of the finest young men and greatest basketball players in Pittsburgh history. Who, by the way, came from an absolutely magnificent family. Nor was anything close to this done for attorney Wendell Freeland. Decorated veteran, a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, civil rights activist, community leader and accomplished attorney, yet to the best of my knowledge nothing!!!!

Listen, all God’s children deserve their just do, but sometimes we “Do too much!!” I’m just sayin!!!

:09 I’ll get to Malik Hooker’s fabulous performance in a minute, but let me first take this opportunity to thank the entire New Castle High School administrative staff for a great reception and first class professional accommodations, including Vice Principal Carol Morrell, Athletic Director Sam Flora, Coach Ralph Blundo and the fans were just tremendous, especially the three young men that volunteered their seats in a capacity gym for my three guests.  I hope that if they hear about this salute they feel even better when they find out they gave up their front row seats for Ron Hunt and his wife Karen.  Ron Hunt, one of New Castle’s all time greatest athletes…football, basketball and track. Now a highly accomplished businessman, and the other being B.B. Flenory, the Valley High School legend and Duquesne University super star. I wonder how nice the Old School Fan Base in the gym would have been if they remembered Flenory dropping 46 on them back in the day! (Big smile)

:08 Malik Hooker’s 27 points to pace New Castle over Hampton 66-55 to win the Section 3 Title doesn’t begin to tell the story of this young man.  On the court that night he did it all.  Score, rebound, block shots…I mean really block shots. Defense, steals and assists (“I tell ya Rock…He’s a one man wrecking crew!”…Rocky I, the old man trainer talking to Rocky Balboa about Trevor Lane…But I digress). What was most impressive was how he did it.

Quiet, no smack talking and taking care of his equally talented teammates and staying focused on the task at hand. And the rest of that Fab Five I expect to her great things from in the near future. All college bound.

Granted the good news is he’s going to be a great football player at Ohio State. The bad news is he’s not going to be a great basketball player for some college.  He – can – play!!

:07 I’ve never heard so much about Cheerio’s in my life. You would think some people actually think that there aren’t Black men married to White women and having babies. Let me help ya. Yeah, there are…and lots of them. You closet racists, get over it!

:06 Movie Review, but don’t you dare tell anyone I went to see this chick flick with my girl.  The movie “Her”…really a good movie. I give it three basketballs. Alright, I said it, now let’s move on people. Nothing else to see here.

:05 The Pitt Basketball Team is in a scoring funk and I can’t tell you why. But they’ll break out of it soon and upset No. 1 ranked Syracuse.  Take it to the bank.  (I know, I’m 0 for 100 on predictions lately, but what do I have to lose?)

:04 Pittsburgh Penguin Kris Letang has a hole in his heart and just suffered a stroke.  They say he could be back in six weeks.  That’s all you need to know about hockey players!

:03 Somebody got to A-Rod and said shut-up and step-up.  Serve your sentence and finish strong. See ya in 2015 Alex Rodriguez. You’re guilty man, but I ain’t mad at you. Like I said before, the guilt gets spread around. Owners, managers, players, media and fans, everybody share in the guilt.

:02 Pirates pitchers and catchers report to spring training next week…are you kidding me?

:01 Ryan Luther, the 6’8” Twin star player from Hampton, on his way to Pitt, is a great high school player (28 against a great New Castle team) and will be a very good college player. No telling how good he can be.  The potential is unlimited. But can he run with the guys at the next level?

:00 I told you I’m going to beat this drum from now until it’s done. Retire the great Sam Clancy’s #number in the Petersen Center.  One of the five greatest players in Pitt basketball history. Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself.


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