On Monday Jan. 16, I was in attendance at the Kingsley Association to pay tribute to two local deceased Black leaders, Rev. Dr. Leroy Patrick and the international renowned playwright August Wilson. I have been fortunate enough to call both friends.

The speakers included the local politicians such as the Hon. Allegheny Councilpersons William “Bill” Robinson and the Hon. Amanda Green. The political leaders of the Democratic Party were present, Allegheny County Executive Richard Fitzgerald and the newly elected Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto. They both delivered brief generic speeches that included the remark “that it would be wonderful if the August Wilson Center could be saved.” I was reminded during their presentations that over the years the political leaders have always appeared to pay homage to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The hypocrisy is and always has been that 98 percent of the awardees over the years challenged the negative acts of racism that occurred under the auspices of 75 years of total Democratic Party rule (excluding 1996-2004 Republican commissioners).

It never ceases to amaze me that some of those that I have deemed smart or at least well informed are often heard saying, “All Democrats are good and all Republicans are bad.” As I witness the ongoing negatives that occur on a regular basis across this county it is a constant reminder that much is changed and much remains the same, but is there a real difference between the two major political parties when it relates to Black folks’ conditions? Just look around you and pay attention that at almost every function in the Black communities, political, church, social the politicians are invited. Their presence usually deludes us into believing that they are concerned about the multitude of problems confronting Black people. Too many Blacks buy into the con game or are fooled by some Blacks on the payroll or by Blacks seeking a payroll job. I have lost track of the numbers of people who call, write or stop me and state, “My hands are tied because I need my job.”

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