:10 RIGHT HERE…RIGHT NOW…And it’s 4 p.m. Monday afternoon. Pitt will do it tonight. Pitt by six over Duke!

:09 IF-YOU-ARE-GAY…(Not that there’s anything wrong with that)…Stay your a.. out of Russia, and especially the Olympics. And they don’t mind telling you in advance!

:08 Speaking of Pitt, and I was, take a real good look at freshman sensation Jabari Parker. He’s probably a one and done at Duke. Right now the best player in D-I Ball.

:07 “Team Rice” as in Jerry Rice, won the Pro Bowl by going for two with less than a minute to play. The first time ever schoolyard type game was pretty good as Pro Bowls go. And for all you Pro Bowl haters that for some reason want the game to go away…PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE! You only hate it ‘cause your “Never Done Nothing Important Butt” can’t go to Honolulu. Get over it man!

:06 Speaking of taking a good look, and I was. And speaking of great players, and I was. You’ll be looking at Lamar Patterson on Sunday afternoon next year. He has developed a complete and very good pro level game. Scoring=A+/ Passing=B+/Assists=B/ Rebounds=B/ Defense=C+

:05 Not that I really care, and trust me I really don’t ‘cause I am a Steelers man…MANN! But I think Peyton Manning will shred the Seahawk’s #1 Defensive Backfield, throw some Karma on Richard Sherman and bring home his second Lombardi trophy.

:04 Serious question for ya. Is Tiger Woods done? I am just askin’… “Shut Your Mouth”… “Well I am talking about Shaft”…We Can Dig It!

:03 Stanislas Wawrinka defeats Rafael Nadal to win the Men’s Singles in the Australia open. Now you know that’s all I got. (No I could not spell the names without the paper. Now shut up!)

:02 The Heat win again, nothing new about that. But they will not, (And I repeat Fred Crawford) they will not win the NBA East and THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!

:01 Obama High School Basketball Team beat Vincentian 88-84. Now that’s big. Trust me, that’s big. (You know what I am talking about!)

:00—Double Overtime—We want to welcome my longtime good friend “Father Taylor” into “The Locker Room.” The good father reads Overtime every week. Now that really puts me where I need to be. Amen…Amen!


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