Recently the country suffered another movie theater shooting. This one was very different from the first. I’m not sure if the shooter came in planning to shoot someone, but as the saying goes if you carry a gun you plan to use it.

After that last movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo, wasn’t there a rule that you could not bring guns into a movie theater?  And during the movie previews don’t they politely ask you to turn your phones off? You see where I’m going with this. I have a huge problem with people who do not follow the rules especially if they are sitting right next to me. Yes I have actually been in a movie with a person who insisted on texting during the movie. Because I was with the person I politely asked them to put the phone away and they eventually did. But why not just follow the rules?

In the recent Florida movie theater shooting it started with a father sending text messages to his daughter during the previews of a movie, it ended with the 43-year-old man shot dead amid the theater seats, and a 71-year-old retired police officer in custody. This is so sad. Reportedly the retired cop asked the man to put the phone away then he went to seek management, I guess the management did not want to get involved so the cop came back alone and irritated. The texter says did you report me? And the argument commenced; popcorn was tossed, a gun was pulled out and the 43-year-old texter was shot and killed and his wife was wounded. Are you kidding me, all of this at an afternoon showing of the “Lone Survivor”?

After this horrific incident it was reported that this same cop had confronted other texting moviegoers weeks earlier. The only difference this couple lived to tell the story and identified the “texting police” as the same man that shot and killed the man texting his 3-year-old daughter. I know I asked that same question, do 3-year-olds read text messages? I was told that I was showing my age and that most 3-year-olds have their own phone, just a little levity.

I think this retired officer was bored and perhaps deemed himself as the texting police. I’m curious what kind of police officer had he been during his career? On the theaters’ website is a list of prohibited items and actions. Among them: No cell phone use, including texting, in the theater auditorium. And no weapons allowed. Follow the rules people. No texting while driving, no changing lanes in the tunnel, don’t eat the food in the grocery store before you pay for it and when at the golden buffet do not steal the food; all food is to be eaten at the restaurant.

These are very different times we are living in. You never know who is carrying a gun and taking the “law” into their own hands.

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