:07 Look, I know some of you people…(“Kim”)…think I go to the movies cause I have nothing better to do.  Please let me remind you all I am “A Movie Man”…Man!  When I tell you a movie is a hit, just go see it and know that it’s true. What?  What?? What??? I told ya about American Hustle.  I told ya about “The Wolf of Wall Street.”  I told ya about “Captain Phillips” and I really told ya about “12 Years a Slave.” Just check my record. Don’t hate…participate! (And do what I tell ya!)

:06 Hockey report.  Sidney Crosby was named the captain of the Canadian hockey team. That’s it.  That’s all I got.

:05 This, however, is important to note.  The No. 13 ranked Pitt Panther wrestling team beat the No. 5 ranked Oklahoma State team 19-18 Sunday at Fitzgerald Field House.  That’s huge. “Hail to Pitt!!!”

:04 By now you know the Pitt men’s basketball team lost to Syracuse 59-54 this past Saturday in a game quite frankly they had won. No problem though.  Pitt will be fine and     will win the rubber match.  Take it to the bank!  But we still need a sharp shooter. A cold blooded assassin that can shoot the three.  A Larry Harris, Clyde Vaughn, Jason Mathews if you will.

:03 To my main man “John” from Manchester, not North Side, a couple things.  No. 1 ~ “The Committee” always gets it right.  No. 2 ~ I don’t know what paper you’ve been reading, but I’ve gone on record to say that my main man…Larry “Bird” Richardson is one of the five greatest point guards in Pittsburgh history. Here we go again.  And not in any particular order because each man could give you a different game. Rick “Black Magic”     Coleman, Larry “Bird” Richardson, Dwight “The Iceman” Clay, Petey Gibson and Bobby Byrd.  And yes, I know the difference in Manchester and the North Side.  Turn right to go to North Side and turn left to go to Manchester.  Don’t nobody care mmmaaannn…bam!!!  (Love ya J.L.)

:02 Look, the paper ain’t even out yet and I am getting calls from Ringo and the other Manchester cats already.

:01 Yeah, I know that Denver and Seattle won the play-off games. Don’t nobody care. Whatever!


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