:10 This is a Big Time shout-out to a Big Time guy who came through in a big way. This will also serve as a Big Time reminder to some of you so called BIG TIMERS! To Brother Will Anderson out in Homewood/Wilkinsburg—not only a damn good auto body man, but a man of his word. Thanks for stepping up on The Champions Toys for Tots Christmas party held at the Wilkinsburg McDonald’s a few weeks ago. Your donation was greatly appreciated and truly needed. Oh, back to you so called Big Timers…especially the ones that said they would donate to help disadvantaged children…and did not …and you know who you are…you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Now get to steppin’!!!

:09 To my “main cat” Zeke out in Homewood, who as many of you know was a very good basketball player and a not so bad player/coach of the Old Timers Basketball team here in the Burg and a so-so ref. Anyway, he wants to tell me and “The Committee” how to rank the finest women in the world. First of all, you’re from Akron, Ohio…strike one! I’ve seen some of your calls in a game.  Clearly you can’t see well…strike two!  And you’re a Knick fan…strike three! So, obviously you know nothing about ranking women. Leave that to the professionals my Brother! You want Serena Williams in the Top 10…man please!

:08 OK, nobody wants to say it. Well you know I will.  Yes, boys and girls, that new head football coach at Penn State is a Black man.  And if you weren’t sure by the sound of his voice when he said his dad is from “The Hill,” you know for sure now! Let’s see how long “Happy Valley” can stay happy.

:07 As bad luck would have it, I was sitting right behind the Pitt bench at the Wake Forest game when Pitt redshirt sophomore Durrand Johnson told the trainer he heard it “pop.” A tough break for a tough young man. Out for the season with a torn ACL in his right knee. He will be missed. As will his 10 points a game.

:06 That being said, the Pitt men’s basketball team is for real.  And they just got ranked No. 22 in the Top 25 to prove it. And trust me, there are not 21 teams in the country, better than Pitt!

:05 By the way, I got not one phone call or text saying Halle Berry should not be No 1. “The Committee” was right again.

:04 You know the world was telling Pitt to be scared of the big ole ACC.  Hey, the big ole ACC better be scared of Pitt. Now 3-0 in conference play.

:03 Saw a good Duquesne basketball game Sunday.  Unfortunately, they played a much better LaSalle team, but the Dukes will be okay.  They’ve got a good starting seven and a top level fiery coach.  Go catch a game when you can.  FYI…I found my long lost partner. Welcome back partner!

:02 Hey man, if you don’t want your business all out in the street, you better say your a fan of 60 Minutes.  They will put you out there.  They made Tony Bosch…aka The Drug Dealer look stupid and guilty. They put MLB on front street and they showed Rodriguez to be a part of a known part of our baseball history that a lot of people participated in that simply needs to be forgotten.  (Oh yeah, he’s guilty no doubt, but forget about it!)

:01 Here, take it all.

•American Hustle—4 basketballs

•Lone Survivor—4 basketballs

•The Wolf of Wall Street—5 basketballs

No, go see all of them.



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