Dear Editor:

Are we, as Black people, paying attention or caring how we are being portrayed on the local news stations—KDKA, WPXI, WTAE and the national news as well? On Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, on WPXI evening news there were six Black male faces splattered all over the screen. Two picked up from Carrick High School for assault/robbery; one picked up for a custody dispute; one picked up for drug possession; two picked up for shooting over a drug deal gone bad in Mt. Lebanon.

And this is practically every night. The point is being made that they are lawbreakers, which I for one do not condone; but does the White media have to make a feeding frenzy out of it? The actions of our Black males are an embarrassing disgrace, but that doesn’t mean it should be exploited like it is some type of entertainment.

And it certainly is not a case where Black people are acting any worse or are any worse than Whites. Just look at that wealthy boy in Texas who killed four people while driving drunk and got 10 years probation. I cringe when I think what his fate would have been had he been a Black male.

News coverage is one thing, but making a mockery out of a race and glorifying its problems and negative actions is quite another.


East Liberty

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