Concerned about what he calls the four bodies, Coleman likes to focus on the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing of a person. Concurring with Wells he says this is a stressful time of year for not just senior citizens but for the community in general.

BY ANY TOOLS NECESSARY—Concerned about his client’s wellbeing, Shawn Coleman of PerspectVe LLC uses boxing and creative methods to assist them.

BY ANY TOOLS NECESSARY—Concerned about his client’s wellbeing, Shawn Coleman of PerspectVe LLC uses boxing and creative methods to assist them.

“Often times, for some the holidays bring trauma. It’s a worrying situation if you don’t have a reminder that you have to plan better for the future,” he said. He mentioned that the holidays are a reminder of lost loved ones through death and or divorce, which is also stressful and affects a person emotionally and mentally. As a life coach he indicated that he helps people align the four bodies. His belief is that you have to feel good and do well in all areas.

Wells also has an interest in people dealing with depression. Focusing on a clientele from age18 to the end of life her services will include performing assistance with activities of daily living, which has her trained staff in the home addressing issues. Other services will entail new diagnosis education, medication administration, blood draws, pain management, Diabetic management, speech and occupational therapy, physical therapy and wound and colostomy care. Light housekeeping is also a service Homecare Sustainability Solutions will provide.

A registered nurse for 13 years, seven of which have been in long term care, Wells says she knows the health needs of the community and that she looks forward to going into the homes to provide the needed services.

A graduate of Chatham University with a Nursing Degree, Wells is a participant in the Homewood Innovation Zone Program sponsored by Urban Innovation 21. She is a recent Homewood Grant Competition winner.  “I have always wanted to operate a home healthcare business. Going through the Urban Innovation21 Program was a great experience. As a result I have a strong business plan and a clear understanding of my startup costs.”

Her goal is to be fully functioning by the spring.

In operation since 2010, Coleman identifies the mission of PerspectVe LLC., as creating materials that increase awareness and promote wise decision making. Operated by him and his wife Makalia he said by using clothing, videos, and other educational materials, their aim is to provide products and services that relate to life and encourage smart living. With the vision to be the leading entity in the advancement of the mentality and social condition of all people, Coleman said they often utilize spiritual based initiatives but, PerspectVe creates tools that construct an intellectually adept and informed community. One tool that he uses is his recent book “The Inspiration—Ten Ingredients for Success.”

Coleman admits that as a young person he suffered from low self-esteem and anger management issues. As a result of having a keen understanding of such conditions PerspectVe specializes in Anger Management Coaching and Life-Coaching with Therapeutic Boxing Skills. His philosophy is that people usually function in one area of their life the same way they do in others.  He uses the sport of boxing as a coaching tool because it has many applicable skills to life. “Boxing workouts allows me as a Life-Coach to assess clients as they work out, using philosophic meaning to improve mistakes in their exercise behavior, and to transition the skills into other areas of their life.”

“Everybody deals with stresses in different ways,” Coleman pointed out. “For the holiday he suggests that if anxieties start setting in that it is often a good idea to self-regulate. Slowing down, taking deep breaths is always good, he recommended. “It is good to be aware of yourself and to know what works best for you.”

Coleman and Wells agree that when dealing with loved ones during the holidays which could be a stressful time for people of any age that it is best to meet them where they are. “Depression sets in and people like to reflect and do introspection.  It could wear on their health,” explained Wells. “But it’s always best to listen and let loved ones share their memories to have a peace of mind.”

Homecare Sustainability Solutions can be reached by e-mail: and PerspectVe LLC can be contacted by calling 412-592-2291.

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