In the year of 1918 a Black baby boy was born and he was destined to become a great man.

I am not generally a hero worshipper, but there have been a few in my life, and Mandela is number two, second only to my father Milton Kendrick Sr. Nelson Mandela proved to be an exceptional person who epitomized what I characterize regularly as caring, concerned, committed, calculating, calm, capable, charismatic and courageous.

I will remember as long as I live when Mandela stood before the sentencing judge who said to him, “If you will simply state to this court that you will not resort to any means necessary to free your people, you are free to go home.” The court offered Mandela an opportunity to lie by stating he would never resort to violence, but the great man stood tall and endured 27 years in confinement.

I could continue about Mandela’s career after he was finally released from jail, but most of us are familiar with his great accomplishments. However I would rather focus on the headline of this column “Mandela will live forever.” The problems encountered by Mandela are not solely confined to South Africa, look around you.

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