James Clingman

(NNPA)—According to the 13th Amendment, slavery in this country has not been fully abolished; there is an exception that says if one is duly convicted of a crime he or she can be enslaved. Read it for yourself; don’t take my word for it.

So, if you have been enslaved by either doing a crime or because you are in prison for something you did not do, why not learn how to turn your enslavement into a profit by studying to become a business owner? When you are released, you will have your business plan in hand, ready to meet the world of entrepreneurship head-on.

For two decades now I have written and spoken about that “exception” in the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and advocated a literal boycott of prisons especially by Black men, who make up a disproportionately high percentage of those incarcerated in this country.

How do we boycott prisons?

Just refrain from doing some of the stupid things we do that result in prison time. It’s bad enough that we have many who have been wrongly convicted and incarcerated — why volunteer to be a slave? We cannot keep complaining about the “prison industrial complex” and refusing to do our part to put it out of business by abstaining from crime.

For those already imprisoned in what has become “Incarceration Nation,” why not use the time you have there to research ways in which you can make something or do something and sell it to someone? A few years ago, I wrote an article titled, “Prison Profits.”  Well, a profit can be generated by prisoners, a profit they can keep in their pockets rather than have it appear on some corporation’s Profit &Loss statement. If prisoners would build up their brains the way they build up their muscles, they would come out with a new skill set as well as a new body.

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