Dear Alma,

Over my long Thanksgiving weekend, everywhere I went I encountered my married brothas complaining about the same thing – wives not wanting or initiating sex. It was as much a constant as football and turkey. These are good men, Alma. They want to do the right thing. But some feel trapped. They can be faithful and celibate or they can creep. And yes, some have already strayed. (One married friend told of an encounter he had with his girlfriend inside a bathroom that made our hair stand on end.) We all agreed that our wives would never do something so…so…so…so damned sexy and daring. Tell me, Alma. Why do wives avoid sex with their husbands (when the girlfriends can’t seem to get enough)? And don’t give me that lame excuse about wives having to work on their jobs then come home to do housework and homework. Most of my friends share equally in housekeeping and child-rearing duties. Simply put, if a wife won’t “cook” for her man at home, shouldn’t she expect him to occasionally eat out?

Signed, A Real Bro

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