In addition to Morgan, Najee’s chose to work with other music industry heavyweights including producer Demonte Posey and Jazz Bassist Brian Bromberg.

Najee has been receiving a positive response from “The Morning After” listeners. The album debuted as the No. 1 Contemporary Jazz Album on the Billboard chart the week of its release.

The New England Conservatory of Music graduate is always evolving as an artist and musician. He exploded onto the musical landscape in 1986 with the classic “Najee’s Theme” and hasn’t stopped making waves in the jazz world since. He even released a greatest hits album in 1998. Throughout his career, Najee has worked with countless musicians and singers like Billy Cobham, Larry Carlton and the late great George Duke.

His song “Tokyo” on the new record pays homage to Duke who passed away from leukemia in August.

“The groove on that song is reminiscent of what George used to do,” said Najee who worked with Duke in 1992 on his “Just an Illusion” CD.

The two also toured together and played with Quincy Jones and produced Najee’s “Songs in the Key of Life” album.

“I performed with George in March or April in Detroit and I saw that he wasn’t the same old George but he was a relaxed spirit when it came to working with people,” Najee recalled. “He let artists be who they are.”

Najee, who divides his time off between Los Angeles and New York City, is glad that his fans are accepting him as the eclectic musician that he is.

“With me, I just keep doing what I do. It’s like swinging a golf club, sometimes your trajectory is off and sometimes it’s on. I do what comes natural to me,” he said.

(“The Morning After” can be purchased at http://www.najee­

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