:08—Tracy Foster may not be the best shooting guard I’ve ever seen in Pittsburgh, but he’s right there with David “Dr. Death” Trent, Clyde Vaughn, Larry Harris, Gil Cummings, Jason Hood and George Harvey. Did I miss somebody? Call me, 412-628-4856 (and don’t call me about bums, I am talking about pure shooters).

:07—Mike Wallace who? Antonio Brown is now the man…Man!

:06—I am not going to lie, I didn’t have a set prediction for the Steelers game, but I knew this going in, we’re still the Steelers and they’re still Cleveland. Gary White, here I come baby!

:05—Fred Crawford, you and your Omega Psi Phi brothers, sure know how to throw a classy gig. Everybody Dressed To The Nines, good food…I mean good food and plenty of it, a super quality location at the Syria Mosque, recognizing and honoring some of Pittsburgh’s finest and then you throw in “DJ Mack Daddy;” mmmaaannnn that’s what I call a party! (Now don’t get it twisted, it was no Vince Neal par-tay, but then again, there’s only one Vince Neal par-tay!!!—I’m Just Sayin’!)

:04—Pitt beat Syracuse. That’s all that matters. If it’s by one or 101, it doesn’t matter. Just ask Syracuse.

:03—In case you’re still under that rock, here’s the high school results. South Fayette captures its fourth title over Aliquippa 34-28. (Kevin Cameron can’t be too happy about that, huh?) North Catholic beats Sto-Rox 14-0. West Allegheny beats Central Valley 16-6, giving Coach Palko his record breaking 7th WPIAL Championship. And Central Catholic handed Woodland Hills a 27-7 hometown whooping.

:02—Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston…..it’s starting to add up on you and the local police. But-You-Are-Innocent-Until-Proven-Guilty!!!

:01—By now you know all you need to know and you’ve heard all you need to hear about “12 Years A Slave.” If not, please try to find yourself a life and go see it. See it for you; see it for all Black people; see it for all White people; see it to help make the world a better place. The more we know, the better we understand; the better off we all are. Here it is and it’s easy…5 basketballs…the highest rating I can give.

:00—Game Over

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