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BlackThursdayInfographic5While much of the buzz about Black Friday, and its recently fortified companion Black Thursday, has been about deals and savings, there is another unfortunate reality of the shopping extravaganza, according to Colorlines.

The site released an infographic today detailing some of the realities of workers employed at Black Friday shopping destinations like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears and Kohl’s that this year will be open on Thanksgiving Thursday as well. Among other facts, Colorlines’ research shows that more 2 million workers at these retail establishment live at or near poverty and that more than half of them provide all or at least half of their families’ income. They also found that of the 16 million-plus retail workers in the U.S., women and people of color are significantly overrepresented in lower-paying, front-line jobs and underrepresented in management roles.

And if this year’s holiday advertising and Black Friday (Thursday) mania seems…

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