Q:  You came back and tied it – you must have felt pretty good about things at that point?

BR: Yeah, we were doing some good things, but close isn’t good enough. We’ve got to continue to find ways to score and not get stopped in that situation.

Q: How good were you feeling when you had it at the 24 yard line?

BR: We were doing some good things. Everyone was fighting; offense, defense, special teams, and [we] found a way to tie it up. [We] just offensively couldn’t keep it going.

Q: What is the goal now at 2-6?

BR: Keep fighting. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. [I’m] proud of the way a lot of guys – lineman and lead guys – Mike Adams came in and guys stepped up and played – no one quit. We fought until the end.

Q: The franchise since you’ve been here has been known so much for its defense. Is it shocking to see that kind of thing happen?

BR: Yeah, it’s a great defense and you don’t typically see that, so it is a little shocking, but they’re a good offense. That’s the way it goes.

Q: Were you surprised to be out there 24 points down at the end?

BR: No, not at all. I wouldn’t have [sat out]. They would have had to drag me off. I’m not going to quit; I’m going to stay out there and fight until the end.

Q: In your opinion what is the biggest factor that you need to do to turn the season around?

BR: Win.

Q: What do you think got away from you at 24-24?

BR: We punted and to that point we had been doing pretty good on offense not punting and we had to punt there. We just couldn’t – it took us a second – I think we maybe punted twice maybe. Whatever, we just couldn’t keep it going

Q: What did Mike say?

BR: Mike?

Q: Mike Tomlin, sorry.

BR: You’ll have to ask him.

Q: Well, he said he was angry and that this is the most disappointed he has been – pretty much summarized it.

BR: I think we all are angry and disappointed, so that’s probably collectively what’s in this locker room.

Q: The second pick seemed to be a little confusion in the route?

BR: Yeah, you know what, I have to go look at it before I can really comment on it.

Q: The first one was just an ill-advised throw?

BR: No, I thought we took a shot and it was him going deep. They got a little pressure and I should have slid and kind of put more into it, but I threw it up to let him make a play and they came down with it.

Q: In your opinion did you see some interference on that play?

BR: The referees are out there calling stuff, so I’m not going to commend on their calls.

Q: What was it like watching the Patriots score 55 points? They have been struggling offensively all year. Now Rob Gronkowski is back and they are getting a little healthy offensively. What was it like watching their offense?

BR: Frustrating because that means we’re not on the field. They’re a good offense, but we need to score more points.

Q: Do you go into a game like this thinking you’re going to have to out-throw the other quarterback when you’re playing a high profile guy like that?

BR: I never look like it as playing the other quarterback, as much as you’re playing against their defense. [Tom Brady] is good, so you know that your mistakes have to be limited, minimal, turning the ball over, punting – things like that. We punted too much tonight and kicked too many field goals.

Q: You went over 400 yards and had four touchdowns and it ended up the way it ended up…

BR: Yeah, you guys know me well enough. I don’t really care. To me it’s about wins and losses and that’s what’s the most frustrating: is that we lost. And offensively we have to be better.

Q: Are you more perplexed than anything at how you’ve gotten to this point?

BR: It’s frustrating. We’re going to sit here in the locker room right after the game and dwell on this and we’ll evaluate tomorrow.

–Postgame Transcript compiled by Patriots Media Relations

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