:10 Okay, right out of the gate. Went to see Cousin Denny play his last home game at Shadyside Academy in Fox Chapel (more on that in a minute), Shadyside vs. Kittanning, for the conference title. Not just any game, but for the conference title. Now, I don’t have time or space to give you the total story from start to finish, but I’ll tell you three things, and I swear I’m not just calling “foul” because Denny’s my cousin. It was a great tough, hard fought game, by two good teams, going back and forth. A game that should have been decided by the players not the whistle.

1.—A Shadyside kickoff late in the game that was clearly touched by Kittanning and should have resulted in a SSA touchdown…not called!

2.—Later in the game, Kittanning scores on a touchdown pass only because the receiver pushed the D-Back off. Now listen folks, I am not talking a touch and push, I am talking a MMA push off that Stevie Wonder could see! And last and most certainly not least…

3.—SSA behind the hard running of Briggs, who was determined to set the record straight after giving up a fumble in the previous series, scores a touchdown and is ready to tie the game at 28. The official hits SSA with a celebration penalty in the end zone and assesses the yardage on the extra point, not the upcoming kick-off. SSA missed the now too long extra point and they lose by one. The penalty should have never been called and I have never, never, never, never…(wait on it) never ever seen such a thing. Just a terrible call. Shadyside Academy, you got “homered” at home!!!

:09 Penn State, I love ya, but do yourself a favor and stay out of Ohio State territory. C’mon 63-14, Lions you gotta roar louder than that!

:08 No, I am not in my spot for the game. The Steelers are in Oakland man! I would be the only one at the stadium. I am, however, at my back-up spot and no you can’t find me here either, but I can be anywhere and make this call. The Steelers win by three in Oakland. In so doing, let’s let hometown hero Terrelle Pryor have a good game in the loss. I’m just saying!

:07 Back at ya regarding the heads up I gave you with ten seconds on the clock. And this is a compliment to Shadyside Academy, not a knock…but if you ever want to see why some kids just seem to do better when they go to college than others, you only need to visit “SSA” and other such campuses, and you will clearly see why. The high school digs that some kids are privileged to attend are almost better than some college campuses.

:06 Here is a shout out to some new readers coming into “The Locker Room.” First of all, the “Snipes Sisters” are now in, but they’re no strangers to how we roll. They go back with the Champions all the way to the Connie Hawkins League in East Hills. I saw the ladies at my cousin Lavern’s birthday party and they all look good…I mean really good!

:05 And here’s a rare, but every now and then, double shout out to another loyal reader, Ms. Eleanor Carter. I saw the ageless wonder down at Savoy getting her swerve on the other night. (She says she’s President Jimmy Carter’s niece, but she’s Black and he’s White and I am a little confused about it. Hey, it’s a new day. Who am I to say?!?!)

:04 Hey Boston Red Sox, if your man was interfering with the runner for St. Louis heading for home plate, so be it. Your “bad call” wasn’t as bad a call as the “bad call” at Shadyside Academy!

:03 Okay, here’s this. Just in case these knuckleheads can’t beat the also pitiful Raiders, if the long distance is a problem, why not go to the West Coast two days early and get resettled? I’m just askin’!

:02 Hats off to your current National Old Timer Basketball League Champions, the Pittsburgh Old Timers, led by Tom “Bum” Coates. They took a close one from the Allegheny Old Timers (the other Pittsburgh team) in the season opener. Can you say re-peat!

:01 Set your calendar for the 38th Annual Willie Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Awards Banquet coming Saturday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m., starring keynote speaker Federal Court Judge Reggie Walton, the highly acclaimed presidential appointed Judge who hails from Donora, Pa., is coming home to be a part of the longest running awards banquet in Western Pa. history. I’ll keep ya posted.




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