Remember the name Ivan the Terrible? Well just in case you don’t, according to, Ivan the Terrible was the grandson of Ivan the Great. Ivan the Terrible, or Ivan IV, acquired vast amounts of land during his long reign (1533-1584). Many believe him to have been mentally ill. One of his violent outbursts was perhaps the reason for his son’s death.

On Sunday the Oakland Raiders had their own offensive outburst against the Black and Gold. Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor might as well have been the centuries old Russian Czar because in these Oktoberfest Halloween type times, on the first play of the game, he showed no mercy. He acquired vast amounts of land with his NFL record breaking 93 yard scamper appearing to be a long legged warp speed-like gazelle causing the Pittsburgh Steelers defenders to appear as if they were only a few steps from the “Shady Rest” geriatric long term nursing facility.

That first play of the game might have just decapitated the Steelers chances to be playing any football besides “Madden” in February 2014.

With that nifty little dash, Mr. Pryor rode the wind because as far as aerodynamics go, that was the breeze that carried him and his cronies to victory over the Pittsburgh squad.  

Whoever designed the defensive scheme must have been mentally ill for not assigning a young Pittsburgh defensive back to mirror the young Raiders QB from start to finish because aside from that “glorious romp” it was a struggle for the budding NFL superstar.

After his unexpected, even shocking run, he only ran for 13 additional yards for the remainder of the game. However, the Raiders as a team had 38 carries for 197 yards, a hefty 5.2 yards per carry.

Pardon me, would you happen to have any “Grey Poupon?” Oh but of course there had to be high browed naysayers in regards to doubting the “cerebral” abilities of Mr. Pryor and also his so-called “foot work” mechanics being a bit lacking, but you know what? The Raiders won a game that they shouldn’t have and that is all that matters.  On the other hand, the Steelers running game (if you can call it that), produced the following numbers.  Pittsburgh ran the ball 19 times for 38 yards for a 1.8 yard average per carry producing 1 touchdown. By the way, the Steelers longest run for the day was 8 yards.

And Pittsburgh writers had the nerve to bash Mr. Pryor? Come and please relive a small bit of Pryor’s history with me.

According to, as a junior basketball player in high school, “Terrelle Pryor averaged 21.5 points, 10.6 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 2.9 blocks and 2.3 steals per game. Has 1,064 career points. Terrelle Pryor was also named all-state in football. Terrelle Pryor as freshman averaged 16.5 points and 10.5 rebounds. Terrelle Pryor [also played] AAU basketball for the Pittsburgh Jots. As a sophomore Terrelle Pryor was selected to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Terrific 25 East team. Terrelle Pryor was also selected to the Class AA second team by the Associated Press in football.

As a junior Terrelle Pryor was a second team Class AA all-state selection. Before settling on Ohio State he entertained offers from Clemson, Connecticut, Florida, Miami, Fla., Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

He is a versatile athlete that can multiple positions at the college level. Also before entering college all eyes [were]  on Pryor, who was also considered to be one of the top junior basketball players in the nation [while continuing to grow] his football reputation as well. As a high school sophomore performing at his hometown high school Terrelle Pryor (6-6, 220) ran for 596 yards and 12 touchdowns, and passed for 647 yards and six scores. His play helped Jeannette go 8-2, 6-1.”

The system bled and trampled on him like a ripened turnip. They assigned him value until they could make their thousands they turned on him like a pit bull in a butcher shop.

Hey, before we focus on  Pryor’s so-called “misdeeds and missteps” at The Ohio State University, lets spread the wealth around.

Remember Maurice Clarett? Well according to an article written by Rusty Miller and published by the on June 8, 2011, Mr. Miller wrote: “former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett blames athletes rather than coaches and fans for the culture that created problems in the Buckeyes’ football program. Anything that any player goes and gets is all based on him and who he meets in the community.” Clarett questioned the foundation of big-time college football, where universities and coaches make millions off athletes yet the players get in trouble with the NCAA for accepting cash for autographs or memorabilia.

“Why are they even in that position? Why is it that a university can profit $20 million, $30 million, $40 million and these guys are in the position,” Clarett said. “When there’s enough money to go around?”
There is enough money to go around, but most owners seem to be tighter than a d–k’s hatband when it comes to paying Black athletes.” Nuff said, I’m out.

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