Obama spent more time talking about this issue than having conversation with Republicans to reopen the government.

This is the same president who is unwilling to change Obamacare, even it “offends a sizeable group of people.” Why is he unwilling to ask his rapper friend Jay-Z to stop using the N word since it “offends a sizable group of people?” Why is he unwilling to ask Beyoncé to put some clothes on when she is on stage since she “offends a sizable group of people?”

The point is, democracy can only work when it is allowed to flourish among those you disagree with. You can’t only call out those with whom you disagree.

So, let me make sure I understand. Of all the issues affecting our country last week—government shutdown, debt ceiling—Obama and these members of the CBC are wasting their time talking about the Washington Redskins and citizenship for illegals?

If the market place, i.e., the people were so repulsed by the usage of the name Redskins, then they would no longer buy tickets to the game. Since the opponents know they can’t win through the freedom of the marketplace; they now want the government to force their beliefs onto a private run entity. This is the essence of liberalism.

If they can’t win in the marketplace of ideas, then they want the government, i.e. the courts to give them the desired outcome, i.e. homosexual entitlements.

Can you name me the last time some illegals were arrested for joining in solidarity with a protest regarding an issue of specific interest to the Black community (like Trayvon Martin, the murders in Chicago, the wet foot, dry foot policy in Miami)?

(Raynard Jackson  can be reached through his Web site, www.raynardjackson.com. You can also follow him on Twitter at raynard1223.)


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