:10 Ring…Rriinngg…Rrriiinnnggg, Yo! Smitty’s Bar and Grill, YOU STAB-UM, WE’LL SLAB-UM! Who?…Who!…Speak up. I can’t hear ya. Mike who?…Oh, you mean Coach Tomlin.  Yeah, he’s here, but he can’t come to the phone.  He’s in the back room with “Some Guys” and said he didn’t want to be disturbed by anybody for anything!  Well, tell him it’s Bill Cowher. Maybe he’ll pick up. OK, hold on a minute.  I’ll see what he says…(“Minute up”) yo Bill, Coach Mike said not to worry. He’s got this New York Jets game in the bag.  Hey Bill, one other thing, don’t tell anybody I said this, but “The Guys” Coach Mike is talking with have never been around here before…and they’re in town from New York…I mean, the black suits, dark glasses and black gloves. I don’tknow what to make of it but I overheard Mr. Gambino tell Coach Mike “Not to worry. Everything has been taken care of…You know what I mean!!!”

:09 Here’s a double dip on your movie tip, and I know how you like to double dip.  Yes you do…yes you do…now shut up and enjoy!  Movie No. 1 “Prisoners” starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Terrence Howard, a dark, dark, dark drama about child abduction. Don’t go alone—and don’t go at night. Now you’ve been warned! I give it 4 basketballs. Movie No. 2…just for you…“Captain Phillips” starring Tom Hanks and a bunch of real ugly cats playing Somalia’s  (that’s people from Somalia for you Pea­body High School grads). Hey, don’t hate me. I am just telling ya what I saw. Real good movie. I give it 3 basketballs because we know how it ends…and it ain’t pretty!

:08 If you saw Troy Polamalu deliver the hit on Steven Hill, you now understand what I mean when I said the Steelers must bring more of the mean and nasty!!!  And you noticed he didn’t try to help him up or see if he’s OK.  When you’re 0-4, you shouldn’t care if he’s OK.  I am just saying!

:07 Man, it’s hard to believe L.C. Greenwood is gone. That one really hurt!

:06 Word to the wise.  Everyone reading the Pittsburgh Courier…and there’s not enough of you…we all need to be about the business of saving the August Wilson Center.  To lose it would not only be a black eye for the City, but for Black folks too.

:05 Penn Hills High School football is back on track, but that’s not the point. Get out and support your local team and support the good kids doing good things. Hey, take a kid to lunch after a game, win or lose. C’mon man!

:04 Champion Enterprises is still looking for volunteers. People who care about improving the quality of our community and the lives of our young people. Call “The Champions” at 412-628-4856 if you’re interested. Serious inquiries only please!

:03 Donald Scott, former great power lifter, I just got your letter from two years ago. Big mix-up at the office. Hit me back if you get this. I got you!

:02 By now even you Aliquippa grads know that the Pirates are out of the playoffs. Opps, my bad, I am assuming the Mayor and Kevin Cameron got the electricity turned back on out there. Anyway, no one should have a bad word to say about the finish.  This is the best finish we’ve had in 20 years!

:01 Here’s a rare but necessary second “I am just saying!” But it is possible that Le’Veon Bell is not the real deal. A few of those runs Barry Sanders would have broke for big gains.  Wait, what the hell am I talking about.  Forget I said that.

:00 Oh, by the way, the Penguins are playing. I think they’re 4 and 1 or something.  Can’t lie. That’s all I got!



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