One of my favorite comedians, the late Robin Harris is probably in heaven (I hope) cracking up at the story about the nine-year-old boy that jumped on a plane without a ticket and went to Vegas.

In Harris’ routine about Bebe’s (pronounced Bay-Bay) kids, they jumped in a car and told the driver to get on that 15 Freeway and don’t look back as they forced the driver to Las Vegas where they went to the Circus-Circus Casino and terrorized the lions. 

The cartoon movie that was made about the kids did not do justice to the story or the standup routine.  But what is up with this kid, who I will call Nine, and his parents?  

I saw his father on television all covered up crying that his son is not a terrorist. I’m sure he is not, but something is wrong and Nine is out of control. 

Not long before the unauthorized plane trip, the youngster hijacked a large truck and smashed it into a police car and did about $7,000 in damage. His mom works at the airport and allegedly he stopped by to see her before he took off for sin city. Despite numerous checkpoints and gate agents, officials at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport say Nine was somehow able to sneak through security and onto a Delta flight headed to Las Vegas.   

This was only one thing that Nine had done. He had been playing in the airport for a few days prior to his flight pulling luggage off of the carousel, ordering pizza, not paying for the food and asking the waitress to watch his bag while he went to the restroom. Nine had to pass three levels of security. “You have the TSA, the gate agents, and the flight crew and a child comes through without even a seat assignment.”

The father of Nine said his son had been a problem child for years—but said he couldn’t understand how the boy was able to board the flight. The father said the boy’s behavior became a problem when he was five years old, adding that his son was not on any medication. On the Wednesday night before the boy disappeared, his father said he took out the trash and never returned. “And what did you do then Daddy, I’m just curious?”

This was not the first time the boy had left the house without letting his parents know, but his parents say he usually ended up spending the night at a friend’s house, “Oh really?” So what had happened was; the boy rode the light rail and made his way past security at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after an initial screening, then managed to make his way onto a Delta flight bound for Las Vegas.   So in my best Robin Harris voice where the heck is Bebe?

Daddy has showed up in a hoodie and tears but where is the mother? If the boy didn’t come home after taking out the garbage, why didn’t they call someone?  I’m just saying.

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