I don’t believe all this no one is being fired. This is not what I’m hearing. A lot of people are losing their jobs, and others are leaving for the private sector, this includes some of the top scientists in the world who have been furloughed. So if you think the government is not working now, just wait until this shutdown is over. Many if not most of the top quality people will have moved on to the private sector leaving those who can’t find a job anywhere else, working for the government. And I would think some people with some serious negative attitudes would be returning.

Changing up the topic. I would like to say farewell to Phil Petite and offer my condolences to his family. I met Phil way back in the dark ages when we both lived in Westgate Village during the ‘70s, and his then wife, Adrian, worked for the Courier. We use to talk about how great things would be if Black people united and supported each other and how we were going to try to work to bring this about. Phil was dedicated to the uplifting of Black people, and did a whole lot of work behind the scenes as the top aide to state Rep. K. Leroy Irvis, and later for the city. Like most of us, there was a lot more he would have liked to have accomplished, but didn’t have the power to do so. But he continued to devote his life to doing what he could for Black people.

Even with the controversy that the Courier reported on when he issued a booklet that made the City look like it had done a whole lot more for Blacks in contracts than it had, he later stated that this was a wish list, something that he would like to see the city do, not what it really had done.

Knowing Phil, if he had the power, everything in the manual would have been accomplished, but he wasn’t the mayor, or chief executive. But I venture to say that the conditions of Black people in Pittsburgh are a lot better because of Phil, but he will never get any credit because he was one of the many people working behind the scenes in government who don’t get any recognition for the positive things they do. Just remember that he was the main voice behind State Rep. Irvis for years, until Irvis stepped down. And he has been a key voice in city government for years. No, we didn’t get and haven’t received all we would have liked to have gotten in city contracts and employment but what would we have gotten without Phil?


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