I was in a local super market and there was a sign posted that stated food vouchers were temporarily not being accepted. A couple of shoppers were livid and said, “Those damn Republicans stopped our food stamps.”

I have stated for many years that Blacks, who have been the staunchest supporter of the Democratic Party, should open their minds and recognize that when it comes to improving the quality of life for Blacks there is little difference if any all between the two parties. The reality of the stoppage was not the fault of Republicans but a computer malfunction.

The next mayor of Pittsburgh will be Bill Peduto and I am aware that an untold numbers of people throughout the Black communities are stumbling over each other to prostrate themselves before the next mayor. They consist of people from almost every walk of life— politicians who supported him, politicians who were against him, political whores and pimps, preachers, those who did not support either candidate and job and position seekers.

I am neither angry nor surprised, because I have watched the political system at work for 60 years. However, I am greatly concerned that the Black communities, which are in the worst shape that we have ever been in, that after 80 years of democratic rule will allow themselves to be lulled not to sleep once again, but into a life destructive coma.

If you remember I was not overwhelmed with either candidate. To me it was a choice between Jesse and Frank James.

I have voted in each and every election and as a voter, taxpayer, veteran and an American I am compelled to alert my brothers and sisters. As these people gather around the next mayor Bill Peduto will they confuse him about the wants and needs of the Black communities or will they make it easy for he and his inner circle to fail to do anything because of so many conflicting mindsets?

For example, the Black dean of politics, Allegheny County Councilman Bill Robinson presented all candidates with a Black agenda; will others present Bill Peduto the same Black agenda or another Black agenda and confuse him?

Bill Peduto’s committee to elect raised millions of dollars and we understand these people just don’t give money in a vacuum, they expect something in return and they are first on the list of those who receive political awards. Those Blacks who have earned jobs or appointments with the new administration will understand early if they want to retain their positions the administration comes first. If any major changes are going to occur under this next Democratic mayor it will only take place when Black men and women are able to accomplish that which has been so elusive for the last 75 to 80 years and that is a meeting of the minds, not personal ambitions.

Let us analyze our conditions in 2013 and make the comparisons between now and the last decades.

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