The recent mass killings of men, women, and children at a mall in Kenya brings about one very critical question that we all should and must ask ourselves, including the people doing all this killing in the name of God.

Does God want us killing all non-believers?

I thought the Bible and other Holy Books say go out into the world and convert all men, and women through love, by showing them the love of God. I don’t believe one single Holy Book says that if they don’t believe in what you have told them, and are not willing to live it, then kill them. Kill them all. Yes, most believe there will be some kind of punishment by God if you don’t accept and live the way God says live. But God will do the punishing, not man.

God is the creator of the heavens and earth. He created all things and is the father to us all. Many people call him by many names. Allah, Buddha, Immanuel, some even call him Jesus or Mohammed. But God is God, there’s no need for a name. Every religion has a Holy Book they believe is straight from God. The Word of God as we call it.

So why are there so many interpretations, and so many views, from so many different people within the same religion, reading the same book?

God wants us to follow his teachings. And contrary to most popular beliefs there’s not much difference between the Holy Books; especially the Bible and Koran, they are based on love.

So where is all this killing coming from? These people really believe they are following the teachings of God.

This is not just a Muslim thing. Remember, many Americans believed the Bible condoned slavery, and the KKK was mostly Christians. And if you read the Old Testament there’s a lot of killing in it. When the Jews entered Canaan they were told to kill everything there. Remember the Great Crusades by the Christians, which was basically kill everyone who does not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and take their property.

During the Indian wars in this country, White Americans justified the killings of Native Americans because they were heathens. It was OK to kill them, especially if they didn’t accept Jesus Christ, even though most of them worshiped one God.

Maybe this is the same problem with the Muslims. Most Muslims I talk to, which is not many, say the Koran emphasizes peace, love and caring for each other; that man was put here to love one another. And that God gave us all choices. If others chose another religion or no religion at all, then you separate yourself from them and continue to worship your God, and his teaching, as long as they allow you to do so. Sounds to me like what Christians are taught. Now all religious groups believe, and they should, that they have a right to practice their religion as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. And they will fight anyone who tries to prevent them from doing so.

So maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen anyone blocking these violent Muslims from practicing their religion, especially in their own countries in the Middle East where most of the killings and wars are taking place between Muslims of different sects.

Just about every religion I know has a “Thou Shall Not Kill” command in their Holy Book.

Some of this confusion could be these Muslims are suffering from the same problem most Christians suffer from. That is allowing others to tell them what’s in the book and what it means instead of reading it for themselves.  

I was surprised and shocked at finding out how many people go to church every Sunday, year after year, who don’t read the Bible. They get their knowledge from the preacher’s sermons, and from what they hear from others. They may read the verse in church but don’t touch the Bible during the week. Any preacher grounded in the Word of God is going to tell everyone listening to him to read the entire book he is quoting from because the Bible can be taken out of context if you just read parts of scripture, and not the whole scripture. Most of the time you need to read the entire book. If you have questions ask your pastor, or your study leader. Asking another member could be a big mistake because he or she is probably among the majority of churchgoers who haven’t read the Holy Book for themselves.

So apparently these people killing innocent children, in malls and other parts of the world haven’t read their Holy Book for themselves.

Why would God put us on earth to be miserable? How are you going to win a person over to the love of God by killing their child, husband, wife, father, mother, or other loved ones? All that does is create hate. To win a person over to your beliefs or way of life has to be by showing them love. Not fear. You help them when they are in need. You provide doctors, food, clothing, shelter, or whatever they need, sometimes just someone to talk to. God understands this, but man still hasn’t learned.

If these people were worshipping God, I would hate to run into someone worshipping the Devil. What more could Devil worshippers possibly do to create more hate, pain and suffering. Anyone who was on the fence between being a Muslim, some other religion, or no religion, is not going to select the religion that just murdered their loved ones. Where is the love?

These people are not following God. They are followers of the Devil. The Devil has to really be enjoying how man, in the name of God, is destroying this beautiful world God created.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.) 



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