Traveling used to look glamorous to me. I guess when you are watching a movie or reading a novel it all sounds so interesting, so intriguing. Do you remember seeing people going to the airport dressed to kill? The flight attendant catered to your every need and you had plenty of room for your legs and arms. I used to envy people that traveled for a living and I’m sure there are some people who still envy that bunch.

I don’t travel that much for my job, but when I do it is not a walk in the Air mall. The first challenge is finding the time to pack and then remembering all of the things that make my life so easy at home. “Don’t forget to pack the flat iron, curling iron, electric tooth brush and your vitamins. Once you have decided on what you are going to wear to the airport, to the meeting and home from the meeting you have to make sure your bag is not too heavy. Have a packed anything over 3 ounces in your carry on and will the TSA take it and throw it away. I just got back from Atlanta and I saw someone trying to carry a big bottle of Olive oil on the plane. OMG! It was promptly put in the garbage can. What were they thinking?

Traveling used to be so much fun even when it was for business. The skycap would meet you at curbside and I wouldn’t have to drag my bag inside to the check in desk. Last week I wheeled that 36-pound bag to the check in and paid my $25. That fee is criminal. I have not mastered being able to squeeze all of my clothes into a carry-on bag. After all you may want to buy something while you are away and you will need that bag to bring home the goodies.

I purchased some Texas Turtle flavored coffee at a store I had never been to, it was called World Market. Now mind you this was ground coffee. Since it was 12 ounces I put it in my checked bag.  When I got home to Pittsburgh the coffee had turned into a hard brick. Maybe the air was sucked out of it. So what happens to pets when they are in the under belly of the plane? The thought is scary.  

The seats in economy class are tight and you hope you don’t get a seat next to an unruly passenger or a child that cries the whole trip. It is so worth it to upgrade to first class if you are on a long trip.

Thank goodness for a direct flight on my most recent trip and a lot of good reading material. I purchased “The Butler” (the book) to read on my flight. Please read it, the movie is truly embellished and a perfect read for a trip. I enjoyed my trip but I am glad that I don’t have to travel for a living—glamorous it is not.

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