:10 Yeah, I am in my spot.  So what!  A lot of good it’s doing me…Can I please ask a question here? Well, in a manner of speaking I guess that is a question.  Anyway, why in the good Lord’s name if you have 39 seconds on the clock before the half do you not throw the ball down field at least twice, or at the very least position yourself for the field goal?!?!

:09 You realize of course that those low grades in Chicago shot damn near more people in two days than the terrorists shot at that mall in Kenya. But you want to keep thinking we don’t have a problem and there’s nothing you need to do. To make the world a better place. Yea…you keep thinking that.

:08 Hey, my bad. The third Manning brother’s name is Cooper, not Charles, and he didn’t play because of injury and illness, not lack of talent. Sorry Coop…what?…what? Ok, I made my third mistake of the year…deal with it!

:07 All you Tiger haters, and yes you’re out there and yes there are many…and all because you can’t have 17 White women on call!  Anyway, he’s the player of the year.  Now run tell that!

:06 Here’s the problem in a nutshell and any old school baller will tell you.  If I hit harder than you, if I block better than you, and if I tackle better than you, I am going to win period!  Go ahead ask somebody. Better than that, go ask a “Westinghouse Bulldog.” They’ll tell ya (and you have to be meaner and nastier than the other guy—ya just gotta be—ask Mean Joe Greene).

:05 While we’re at it. It doesn’t hurt if I am smarter than you. And oh, by the way, I told you when they gave Ben the $100 million he wasn’t worth it.  Bettis and the defense carried him. Ok, I’ll give him two great throws in the Super Bowl wins, but they were great catches too.
:04 Do-over…take-back…my-bad!…Call it what you want, but Paula Patton is not finer than Halle Berry or “J-Lo.”  Man, I’m sorry I said it. C’mon, ya’ll know I’ve had 4 or 5 concussions back in the day.  All that said, here’s your movie review you know and love. Baggage Claim, starring Ms. Patton and a bunch of stars, gets 2-1/2 basketballs. Cute movie, predictable, but enjoyable.  Halle’s still the queen.
:03 I am gonna have to get another spare job to pay Gary White down at The Savoy the $100 I am going to owe him if the Steelers can’t win nine games.  C’mon man.

:02 Because he’s the star and tearing it up on both sides of the box. Here’s to my cousin Denny Briggs Jr. and his Shadyside Acad­emy team. They’re 5-0 and Denny is on his way to Pitt.  Way to go cuz. (Ya’ll know I gotta pump him up so I can get them free Pitt tickets next year!)

:01 Hey, did I mention the Pirates are in the playoffs?  Well they are.  Now somebody go wake up that “Jolly Roger” guy they keep talking about.

:00 OVERTIME—I know, I know, if…if…if…if! If the Steelers win just 9 games, they’re in. Well you know what they say.  If my uncle had better looking legs, he would be my aunt!!

:00 DOUBLE OVERTIME–It is with a heavy, heavy heart that we say farewell to a super, super, super, super man who allowed me the privilege of being his friend.  God Bless You L.C. “Hollywood Bags” Greenwood! You now join heaven’s Hall of Fame.




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