(NNPA)—Peter Bailey is a man of note and distinction. The Black writer contends that: “Despite strong evidence to the contrary, many Blacks believe with all our hearts and souls that the path to equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity lies in electing people to political offices.” If you don’t see the truth in Bailey’s statement, it’s for sure you won’t be inviting him to speak to your church or organization.



Others who want to engage in stories that empowered and enlightened the Black masses, are booking the self-described Garveyite to tell African-American audiences that they have “been bamboozled” into believing that voting and politics will change their lot in life.

As a speaker, Bailey urges Blacks to be clear and uncompromising in their lives and goals. He provides a needed dose of reality with an abundance of history and direction. Bailey encourages Blacks’ wealth and community-building. “Black people have a powerful weapon we don’t effectively use. That weapon is our individual and group economic resources. We spend too much time focusing on electoral politics and not nearly enough on wisely using the trillion dollars that we turnover annually.”

Bailey brings stories and insights on Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. to his presentations. Marcus Garvey represents Black self-reliance in America. Garvey is quite a story. He was a staunch proponent of Black nationalism, to which end, he founded and forged the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Through public speeches and his newspaper The Negro World, Garvey became one of the most significant Black leaders of the 20th century. He advanced a philosophy known as Garveyism to inspire economic empowerment among African-Americans. Garveyism would eventually inspire others, ranging from the Nation of Islam to the Rastafari movement that proclaims Garvey “a prophet.”

Bailey’s presentations are inspired by the vision and accomplishments of Garvey, one of the greatest Black leaders in history. Garvey was a role model to Father Divine, Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X.  His legend is based on his leadership toward Blacks’ pride and self-determination. Garvey evolved Booker T. Washington’s approach toward business and self-reliance, through the UNIA and he directed the largest mass movement among African-Americans in history. Garvey’s UNIA movement and vision became procedural and conceptual models toward African-Americans capitalism ventures.

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