by Bill Neal

Alright, stay with me here.  Where are we?  “At the Finish Line” . . . ok, ok very good. And what matters here? “Only the truth” . . . excellent, outstanding. I see you’ve been paying attention. All that being said, let’s do some truth telling shall we!

The unfortunate but necessary truth about your, I am sorry . . . our Pittsburgh Steelers:

1. Big Ben, I know you made your legend by running around until something big happens. Well, that was then and this is now and Hines Ward and Mike Wallace are gone.  “Throw the damn ball man!” Does the name Dan Marino and quick release mean anything to you?

2. Not one offensive lineman from the Steelers’ first four Superbowls weighed more than 260 pounds, but they brought the heat with muscle, technique, grit, hard work and determination. The O-Line must stop making excuses and man up! Don’t believe me, check out the old tapes. Larry Brown, John Kolb, Tunch Ilkin, Sam Davis and Mike Webster would tear your skin and leave you there to die!

3. You bring Dwyer back. You know he’s got a chip on his shoulder. He ran 100 yards on Cincinnati twice. Give him the ball, let him run. Redman is your 10 yards and in man and let Jones be your relief. Is this not as plain to you as it is to me?

4. Turn away from that bridge you’re heading for and remember there were only four (4), count ’em, four big plays in each game they lost that made the difference and the defense held them under 20 points both games. I know if . . . if . . . if.  “If my uncle had boobs, he would have been my aunt!” But the truth is they’re in the game with a not so deep, young, still developing team. When the dust settles, they’ll be there.

5. Tripping . . . Tripping . . . Tripping . . . you called tripping on a man falling down. Worst call of the year in any sport and that’s the truth.

6. Yes, Todd Haley is that bad. Now I am done.


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