:10 This is the time to pull out all the good ole sayings. You know the ones, “When the going gets tough …the tough get going!” “Circle the wagons boys!” “Next man up!” “Champions are made when nobody’s watching!” You know all them sayings that got to be old because they’re good. Your, I am sorry, our Pittsburgh Steelers are going to need all them sayings and a couple old cans of “whup ass” opened up when the Chicago Bears come to town Sunday Night. Here’s one more for ya …hey Chicago, Not Here…Not Now …Not Today!

:09 Here’s a big Western Pa. tip of the hat to Jeannette’s Terrelle Pryor. He made it, but I think we all knew he would. It was just a matter of time. He was and remains an exceptional talent.

:08 Speaking of Terrelle Pryor, and I was, I just wish you people would pay attention! Anyway, did you know Terrelle was Al Davis’s last draft pick before he died? If that don’t have destiny written all over it, I don’t know what does.

:07 Hey, did you know that Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, the sons of former pro quarterback Archie Manning, had a brother named Charles? Yeah, me neither. Say what you want, anyway you want, but I would not want to be that guy at the Manning dinner table at Christmas …I mean, what does he have to say that anybody wants to hear? I am just saying!

:06 Look, here’s my last comment about them black stretch pants the ladies wear. Why you ask! Because I keep telling ya that girl watchin’ is the world’s No. 1 sport. First, thank God the ladies wear them. Secondly …and I’ll be gentle here, THEY – ARE – NOT – MADE – FOR EVERYONE – TO – WEAR!! C’mon wo-men!

:05 Your, oops did it again, I mean our Buc’s took three out of four from the Cubs and only need six wins to clinch their first playoff spot in 21 years. “Here we go Pirates, here we go!”

:04 “You know you want it. You know you like it” …that should be the name of a hit song …oh shut up and take this movie review, and you better like it. Robert De Niro stars with Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Family.” It’s not “Casino” or “Good Fellows,” but it’s pretty doggone good. I give it three basketballs. You better go see it or De Niro will have you whacked.

:03 Jacquet Bazemore, one of Pittsburgh’s most dominant and impressive athletes, joined the ranks of the elite, elite a few weeks ago when he was inducted into the National Legends’ Hall of Fame along with the likes of Billy Blanks and five other martial arts legends, including a former instructor of the legendary Bruce Lee. It doesn’t get any better than that!

:02 The results are in now and I know you’ve been waiting to hear them. In the battle of Best Western— Tombstone beat out Wyatt Earp by a long shot. The people voted Kurt Russell a better Wyatt Earp than Kevin Costner and Val Kilmer a better Doc Holiday than Dennis Quaid by an “O.K. Corral” country mile. (Don’t worry either you know what I”m talking about or you don’t.)

:01 Get ready to get ready! The Champions and Roland Ford, present the last “Harlem Nites” and you won’t want to miss it. Honoring the legend of R&B, D.J.’s Sly Jock and special honored guest, Master Jacquet Bazemore for his recent Karate Hall of Fame induction – Sept. 27 – 3 Lakes Golf Course, 6700 Saltsburg Rd. in Penn Hills – Cash Bar – Cash Kitchen – 50/50 – free parking – quality vendors – special guest D.J. the Line Dance King Roland Ford – special guest Salsa Dancers …line dancers …and ball room dancers – proceeds benefit Champions Toys for Tots – bring a toy and help the children 412- 628-4856 for more information.



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