Personally, I am currently working with Dr. Victor Garcia, a noted pediatric surgeon in Cincinnati, who took it upon himself to explore the reasons for the ever-growing number children requiring emergency surgery for gunshot wounds; he wondered what he could do to prevent it.  He knew a great deal of the crime in our town was the result of poverty, hopelessness, and drugs.  He also knew that by creating sustainable businesses in the inner city to employ our youth, at least some would be deterred from crime and drugs.  Dr. Garcia understands what “economic self-interest and competitive advantage” are all about and is working hard to bring about change through sound economic principles.

Collaborating with the likes of William Julius Wilson, author of When Work Disappears, Michael Porter, and other local supporters, he established Core Change, an organization dedicated to designing and executing transformative business models within the urban core (see: through which we can have our own Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Dr. Garcia is definitely working outside of his lane in an effort to make a real difference in the lives of our people.  But as Michelle Alexander recently reflected on her work on mass incarceration, “I’m getting out of my lane.  I hope you’re already out of yours.”


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