:10 Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord . . . yes Brothers and Sisters, he has delivered! What am I talking about you ask? Ole School is back my Brothers and Sisters and in a big, big, big way. It’s WZUM 1550 A.M. mmmaaannn, and it’s kickin’ Ole School. Not the satellite stuff. I am talking “Superfly”, “Betcha-By-Golly-Wow,” “I Know I’m Losing You” and “Get on the Good Foot”.  Alright I am done. . . Just turn it on and enjoy the new best time of your life. (Listen, whatever you do, don’t tell Mr. Doss I put this in the paper. You know he doesn’t play that free promo stuff . . . Hey WZUM, now it’s your turn to step up. Advertise in the Courier. Do the right thing)

:09 OK then . . . I am sorry the . . . I mean your . . . Pittsburgh Pirates are only one game up on St. Louis. Now you might want to worry . . . Just a little, not a lot, just a little.

:08 The Steelers are in Washington against an RGIII-less Skins team. Trust me, as of this writing at 6:00 a.m. you will see a lot less mistakes than last week or you’re gonna see a lot less Steelers.

:07 If you missed the press conference or the TV interview, here’s the point plain and simple. Black leadership in this city, State Representative Ed Gainey, B-Pep President Tim Stevens, long time entrepreneur Luther Sewell, Austin Davis representing the Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, businessmen Chuck Sanders, John Bettis, Marcus Robinson, owner of the Pittsburgh Bullets Pro Basketball Team and others joined together to make a bold but true statement. The Pittsburgh media must do a better job showcasing the good in the Black community and stop presenting the entire inner-city as a war zone. “And We The People” must step up and help present the better and brighter side.

:06 Forget – About – It !!! All the New York Yankees can give you is a good feeling from time to time. A-Rod not enough and Jeter is still hurt. But . . . . they are the Yankees.

:05 Let’s all welcome home Manasseh Garner the former Brashear Bullet will suit up for the Pitt Panthers at wide receiver this season. He has also played a little tight end as well as some defense. After two seasons at Wisconsin, Garner is happy to be home.

:04 Boxing is at center ring again. The Ray Schafer Boxing Association, located in Sharpsburg is reigniting the sweet science for amateurs and pros. Oh, don’t worry. The legendary Jimmy Cvetic is still trading punches. You can never get too many gyms to take kids of the street.

:03 “Big Ben” Roethlisberger says he’s good to go and stronger than ever. I still have the Steelers at 10 and 6. If Ben can stay healthy. (Charlie Batch stay healthy and ready!)

:02 Speaking of Ole School, and I was if you were paying attention, take this ride with me. Darkness of Night, With the Moon Shining Bright, There’s a Set Going Strong, Lot of Things Going On, The Man of the Hour, Has an Air of Great Power, The Dudes Have Envied him for so Long, Ohhhh . . . . Super Fly, You’re Going to Make Your Fortune By and By, But if you Lose, Don’t Ask No Questions, why, The Only Game You Know, Is Do or Die, Aaahhh Super Fly !!!

01: Shout it loud and proud and don’t stop till we get there. L.C. Greenwood for the Pro Football Hall of Fame!!!

:00 I know I am out of time here . . . but there’s something I am forgetting . . . what is it . . . man I hate when this happens . . . gee whiz, it’s right at the top of my pen . . . wait, wait, hold up a minute. Now I remember . . “The Champion All Stars” led by the legend that is Myron Brown, along with Gene Wilson, Warren Wilson and Coach Tim McConnell (yep, that McConnell) BEAT – THAT – “SAVOY ALL-STAR’s” ASS AGAIN along with scoring assassin Tracy Foster. 75-72.



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