What about gay couples who don’t want to get married? They can’t get a word in edgewise. They don’t want to blow it for the others but they have to be concerned with marriage now being forced down their throats.

From a Christian viewpoint in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Jesus makes his views on marriage and divorce very clear. And as a Christian, I should have the right to voice these views. But this is what the churches should be getting out to their members and the community as a whole, not the government forcing couples to get married by withholding benefits.

A couple doesn’t have to be married to love each other. They don’t have to be married to love their children. There are an abundance of couples who have been together for years and are doing just fine, while raising great kids. Just like there are single moms, and single dads doing it. And there are some terrible kids coming from two parent homes, as well as the others.

I’m not knocking marriage. It’s great. Marriage is not about health benefits or any other privileges, but if you are going to give them to so-called straight couples then they should go to gay couples as well as people living together. Otherwise it’s separate and unequal.   

Let’s separate Church and State. The Church needs to start doing its job and the State do its job. The Church and people of the church must follow the teachings of the Bible. Everyone else should do what they believe is right. God gave us free will so we can choose to love him and do his will, not force us to do his will.  It’s time for government and politicians to do the same, and the state to stop trying to do it for God.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)


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