Legendary Pirates sluuger Dave Parker is interviewed at the 1979 All-Star Game. During a 19-year career with five teams, Parker was nicknamed ‘Cobra’ because of his lethal bat and cannon-like arm. (AP Photo/File)

The great Dave Parker of the “We are Fam-i-lee” Pirate folklore has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Trust me, “The Cobra” will strike back.

For Riley Cooper there is no excuse, no exception and no reason . . . but there is forgiveness. That will be left up to his Philadelphia Eagle teammates and of course “The Brothers” waiting for him in the parking lot.  In the meantime Mr. Cooper, here’s what you should do.  

#1 – a huge public apology on Dr. Phil.  
#2 – beg for your team’s forgiveness.  
#3 – march your racist ass down to the Philadelphia NAACP office and drop off a $250 check.

Here are your top ten NBA free agent contracts for the upcoming 2013 season:

    1.    Chris Paul    ~    $107 million
    2.    Dwight Howard    ~    $88 million
    3.    Josh Smith    ~    $56 million
    4.    Andre Igoudala    ~    $48 million
    5.    Tyreke Evans    ~    $44 million
    6.    Al Jefferson     ~    $40.5 million
    7.    David West    ~    $36 million
    8.    Kevin Martin    ~    $30 million
    9.    Jose Calderon    ~    $29 million
    10.    Monta Elli’s    ~    $28 million

But the real kicker is you only know half these guys . . . no you don’t . . . no you don’t!

Wake up and get out of that cave you’ve been in since February. Football season is here and your six time Super Bowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers strap on the gear for the 2013 season against the New York Giants, Saturday at Heinz Field, 7:30 p.m. kick-off. It’s that time.

Hi! Baseball Commissioner . . . oh whatever your name is. This is “A-Rod”. I reject your suspension and I am going to play. I’ll get back to ya.

Steeler legends until kick-off. Former Pittsburgh Steeler, super star, defensive lineman, Dwight White once told me in an interview if we are recognized as the greatest defensive line in NFL history, why aren’t all four of us in the NFL Hall of Fame? Good question, very good question! Here’s to Dwight “Mad Dog” White, “Mean Joe” Greene, L.C. “Hollywood Bags” Greenwood, and Ernie “Fats” Holmes the greatest D-Line of all time!!!

You’ve now crossed The Finish Line!

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