Mindless Behavior is coming to Pittsburgh to perform for their fans this summer from their “All Around The World Tour” at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Oakland Aug. 1. The concert will also feature special guest OMG Girlz and SCR Scream Team.

In 2008, Mindless Behavior  was born from a concept created by Conjunction Entertainment Inc. CEO Walter Millsap. An audition was held and out of 600 people the four were chosen to come together as a group. The teen quartet — Prodigy, Roc, Ray Ray and Princeton would soon become a national phenomenon.

Since then the R&B group has stepped on the music scene and began to take over the world with their style of dance and song.
The name Mindless Behavior was already created by their manager Keisha Gamble.

“It’s a lifestyle that gives you the freedom to express yourself with fashion, entertainment and anything you do. Keisha chose us because of our inner confidence and how nice we were to her,” said Ray Ray.

Each individual in the group can sing but Prodigy is the lead singer and Ray Ray and Roc are the main rappers.

“Our main musical inspiration would have to be Michael Jackson because he was the greatest entertainer of all time. He is the best that ever did it and you have to study the greats and become greater. His presence and consistency is what I respect the most because he never downgraded and he always got better and he gave the same type of delivery every show,” said Ray Ray.

Ray Ray is also a huge Kanye West fan because of his creativity and being unique.

“If you listen to all of his albums in the past there is no album that sounds that ‘Yeezus’ because I feel like he is a creative genius”, said Ray Ray.
All four of the guys get along and they know how to enjoy themselves and have fun. The funniest person in the group is Ray Ray because he feels that life is too short to be plain and boring, so he likes to crack jokes a lot of the time.

Even though Millsap and Gamble write and produce their songs at this time, the group is starting to write some of their own material and expand their horizons. Being young teenagers, some people may wonder how they can sing about life and love without having that much experience, but you would be surprised how much experience they actually do have in both categories.

“Since technology is available to everyone, there are many things that we have access to as teenagers and people can fall in love at any age. At the end of the day, we all have our own life experiences and basically what we do is come up with the concept of the record and we deliver it to Walter Millsap,” said Ray Ray.

“This is a unit and we are like brothers so when we go out on tour there are never any problems because we are all about good energy and we don’t plan on breaking up in the future or any of that. Even though dancing is a talent that I always had I’m great at it I was always into art and fashion. I draw portraits and I’m working on my new clothing line called “Twice Couture.”  Those are some of the things that I like doing on my own, but as far as ever leaving the group, it will never happen. Also we have a lot things coming out individually that have to do with art and fashion, so be on the lookout for it,” Ray Ray said.

He said he’s looking forward to coming back to Pittsburgh. He said he lives in  Los Angeles and doesn’t get snow there but he remembers being in Pittsburgh for the Justin Bieber tour and it was snowing like crazy. “We thank our fans for all of their support and we really appreciate it,” he said.

(For more information, you can go to http://www.MindlessBehavior.com  and get everything on Mindless Behavior.)




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