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:10 At the time of this writing, I’ve got the Pirates taking 2 out of 5 from the St. Louis Cards. But before you take that to the bank, you should know that I thought for sure the Titanic would return no problem. And yes, I had Gen. Custard winning at Little Big Horn, but who knew there would be so many Indians and for the last time…The Spurs had it won in six games. I know it, you know it and Fred Crawford knows it!

:09 You Got A Better Memory Than This? It’s a hot summer day…about 84 degrees in the shade…it’s you and your lady and you’re on your way to your boy’s cookout and his mom is cookin’ so you know the food will be all that…your hand is on your girl’s leg and you know that you belong to each other and only each other …the top is down and then this comes on…“Hearts of fire creates love desire, take you high and higher to the world you belong, hearts of fire creates love desire, high and higher to your place on the throne…That’s the way of the world.”


:08 OK, you really think we’re not Steelers crazed? You let the Pirates lose three in a row again and watch how fast they throw the Buccos overboard!

:07 Speaking of the Steelers, and I was, the New… “New Money” receiving core is Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Marcus Wheaton. They now hold the key to the vault. Mike Wallace who?

:06 How, in fact, do you know that Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Honus Wagner and Hank Aaron didn’t take, drink or smoke something to have an advantage? I am just askin’…How-Do-You-Know? You don’t, do ya? Let these guys in Coppers-Town man. I am just sayin’.

:05 The U.S. wins Gold Cup against Panama 1-0. And you know that’s all I got. Shut up, you didn’t even know they were playing.

:04 Golfer Hunter Mahan left the Canadian Open after taking the lead to join his wife for the birth of their child. Admirable to say the least, but there again boys and girls, is another reason I don’t have kids of my own… ­FFFFOOOOUUUURRRR!!

:03 Hey, want to be famous? Come off I.R. after being on forever, then go back on, then come off and at your first at bat, hit the first pitch out of the park. Yep, that would be “Derek Jeter the Movie.”

:02 At 2 p.m. on Aug. 17, Five Starr Corp. and the Thelma Lovett Centre Avenue YMCA will host “The Game Part II.” Here’s all you need to know. The Champions All-Star basketball team led by former CBA Slam Dunk Champion and NBA Minnesota Timberwolf Myron Brown and former Connie Hawkins League MVP and now Pittsburgh Bullet Warren Wilson will beat up on the “Savoy All-Studs”..oh, my bad… I mean “All-Stars.” There’s going to be a whole lot more, but for now…Run Tell That!!!

:01 We honored the legendary Brother Matt July 28 and you were the only one not there. And I mean the only one. Two hundred plus packed the house at the Pittsburgh Cultural Arts Center to hear the great Sandy Greene and Tubby Daniels, and Jam with Sly Jock. I’ll show you pictures and tell you more next week…but man did you miss it.



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